[Advaita-l] Ishwara Turiya?

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:54:16 CDT 2012

> Turiya and TuriyAtita. The question is whether Saguna Brahman, the one who
> is associated with (para) Maya is Turiya. (I don't think Saguna Brahman is
> different from Nirguna Brahman except that He is viewed from vyavahara
> perspective, whereas the latter is not. So, my answer for the question will
> be yes He is in TuriyAvastha. I don't see how Saguna Brahman, who is beyond
> even cosmic mind (Hiranyagarbha) can be in unreal states such as jagratha,
> svapna and susupti, which are mental states).

Rajaram, you seem to be tying yourself up in needless knots about this. Please
read gItAbhAshya 8.18 which talks of brahmaNaH svApa and jAgrad avasthA. It
is not as if ISvara is *really* in states like jAgrat, svapna and sushupti. If you
can understand that such states are only figuratively described of ISvara, then
you are on your way to understanding ajAti vAda. 
> Gaudapakarika mantra VII - Turiya, the changeless ruler (isa)

Which citation are you thinking of here? The 7th verse of the kArikA (I presume
you are referring to the first chapter, Agama-prakaraNa) says, 

vibhUtiM prasavaM tv anye manyante sRshTicintakAH |
svapnamAyA sarUpeti sRshTir anyair vikalpitA ||
This is merely a description of two different views of those who talk of sRshTi.
The seventh vAkya of the mANDUkyopanishat says,

nAntaH prajnan na bahish prajnan nobhayataHprajnan na prajnAnaghanan
na prajnaM nAprajnaM | adRshTam avyavahAryam agrAhyam alakshaNaM
acintyam avyapadeSyam ekAtmapratyayasAraM prapancopaSamaM SAntaM
Sivam advaitaM chaturthaM manyante sa AtmA sa vijneyaH ||
Where is ISa here? Are you thinking of the word Siva in the above sentence as
referring to ISa? If yes, I suggest you study the kArikA bhAshya on this properly.

ps. In some of your other recent posts, it seems as if you want to particularly
differentiate between guNa and viSesha in some way. What exactly is your
idea of guNa and how is it different from your idea of viSesha? 		 	   		  

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