[Advaita-l] Ishwara Turiya?

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> For brevity, let us leave alone the implications of the terms Saguna
> Brahman,  Brahman, Ishwara, Nirvisesha Brahman and Nirguna Brahman treating
> the first three and the last two as usable interchageably. Leave alone for
> the moment my understanding that the last three can also be used as though
> they are synonyms. You would agree that even before creation and after
> destruction, Saguna Brahman used synonymously with Ishwara exists. We (and
> sastras) ascribe omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, creatorship etc.
> to Him. This is tatastha lakshana that is negated in the absolute sense in
> the BSB. But Saguna Brahman is not negated because  Ishwara has no origin
> or death even as per Advaita. Also, Maya, His power that is non- different
> from Him,is never negated. The viseshas manifested from the the
> trigunatmika Maya has apparent origin and destruction but not the
> trigunatmika Maya Itself.

Maya, Ishwara and jiva and samsara, avidya and the connection between
avidya and Chit  are all admitted as anAdi in Advaita.  So all your above
questions/observations will find answers/solutions in the anAdi-context.
And as I pointed out earlier all these remain, continue for ever for
samsaris and for Jnani's the entire hexad is realized to be mithyA.   Since
TuriyA is something that has no connection with any of these six, even
Ishwara who is within this hexad, does not come to be recognized as
Turiya.  'prapanchopashamam' of the seventh mantra of the Mandukya is one
word that is enough to negate all the six from Turiya.



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