[Advaita-l] vishukra-visha~Nga and vArAhi-mantriNi

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Shri D. V. N. Sarma
Shri Sivasenani Nori,
Thank you to both of you for providing valuable information.
I missed kalyANa-shrIkalA only because I'm not telugu-speaking.
Anyway, as long as people like you are around us, we are not going to miss
anything for long.
Even now jayama~NgalA is out of my reach. Any information will definitely
make me and others grateful to provider.
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On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 21:52, Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:

> The Kalyana Sri Kala of Kalyaanaananda Bharati Swami is printed in Telugu
> characters. It is available for a free download on Archive.org (
> http://www.archive.org/details/KalyanaSrikala). I am almost certain that
> there is no Devanagari edition of the same. It is said to contain
> commentary on some 300 odd naamas (others are said to be guhya, to be
> learnt directly from the teacher) containing a high level of integration
> with math/geometry/yantras. This work is said to be critical of the
> commentary of Sri Bhaskaracharya in certain places. I heard it being said
> that followers of Swamiji do not follow the interpretation of
> saubhaagyabhaaskaram, at least not in its entirety.
> There is also a separate work of the Swamiji called poorNamimaamsaa which
> is claimed by one author "to be the most significant original contribution
> to Advaita Vedanta after Sankara" (I repeat this only to draw attention; my
> own stance is that I am not in a position to confirm the claim - because I
> have not understood the work). It is in the form of sutras which prove the
> unity of Brahman and Atma of the world through geometry, and an
> auto-commentary by Swamiji. One important sutra is "vrittam Isvarah".
> Unfortunately I have stopped at that and am unable to move forward.
> If anybody is interested, I can forward the sutras and commentary
> (available in roman script). The book itself might have been in Nagari
> (though I have not seen it).
> Regards
> N. Siva Senani
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> >Kalyanananda Bharati manthacharya swami's commentary is printed.
> >Jayamangala is Narayana Bhattatri's commentary on Ls.
> >This is also printed.

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