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Point taken. He should express his views clearly and establish with reference to sastras. 
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Dear Rajaramji,
Your gurus are of least importance to anyone if their position is not based on sastras.
Personally, i am aware of satish's gurus and know them.  One is the direct disciple of 
Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha of Sringeri and saha-adhyAyi of Brahmachari Umesh.  And other is a great tAntrika belonging to shrikula sampradAya.  
So, it could be that satish is not able to express his views properly and hence a
Pls don't indulge in making comments on the sampradya guru-parampara which is coming
down from asthAna vidwAn of sringeri mahAmahOpAdhyAya KP Shankara Shastrigal.
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