[Advaita-l] Was Ravana a devotee of Lord Shiva?

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> There are indirect references in the vAlmIki rAmAyaNa, but no direct
> details
> of rAvaNa's bhakti towards Siva.
> In the previous chapter, sItA had already obliquely referred to Siva in
> comparison
> to rAvaNa.
> mandaraM parvataSreshTham pANinA hartum ichhasi |
> kAlakUTaM vishaM pItvA svastimAn gantum icchasi || (araNya kANDa, 47.40)
> "You wish to take away the mandara mountain by hand? You wish to walk away
> unharmed after consuming poison?" The reference here is to the kUrmAvatAra
> when Siva drank the kAlakUTa poison while vishNu supported mandara.

Is there any standard commentary to the Valmiki RamayaNa?  Is the
GovindarAjIyam accepted as a standard one?  I wish to know if any
commentator has explicitly stated Shiva as the one being referred here with
regard to the kAlakUTa poison.  The question arises because of a discussion
that ensued in this connection in the 'bharatiya vidwat parishad' group



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