[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Members may note this too:


//VAdirAja gets HayagrIva icon

 Hare Srinivasa

There were thousands of goldsmiths living in the coastal regions of
Karnataka. One issue dogging them was lack of social status and acceptance
in religious circles.

Once, a goldsmith melted an alloy of 5 metals and put it into the mould,
with the intention of making a Ganapati icon. When he opened the mould he
was surprised to see a Hayagriva icon with a horse's head and four arms.
Another surprising aspect was that the icon was still red hot and radiant.
He decided to destroy it and reuse the metal the next day.

That night he was instructed in his dream to hand over the icon to
VadirAja. VAdirAja too had a dream in which he was told that he would
receive a special HayagrIva icon. Since HayagrIva was the IshTa devata
(favorite deity) of VAdirAja he was overjoyed.

The next day a delegation of goldsmiths met VAdirAja and handed over the
icon to him. They also shared their sorrow at being social outcasts.
VAdirAja took pity on them and decided to uplift them.

Accordingly, on a suitable occasion, the entire community of goldsmiths was
provided with chakrAnkana and brought into the fold of bhAgavata (dvaita)
dharma. From then, members of that community (daivajna brahmans) have
regarded VAdirAja as their guru, and Sode maTha as their maTha.

VAdirAja also admitted kOTeshwara brahmins into the dvaita fold, bringing
them status and respect in society.//

I myself know of such a family in Bangalore who say they are Madhwas.  I do
not know if other orthodox Madhwas mingle with them for matrimonial


> I recently heard this from a Kannada smArta family:  They have a son who
> works in a small hotel as a cashier and finding a match for him was a great
> difficulty.  They told me that many smarta/madhwa families have started
> taking brides from a Lingayat sub-sect called 'panchama sAli'.  It is
> learned that this sect is authorised to perform puja (archaka) in
> Shiva/Devi Temples.  When my friend's family went to a house of this
> community to see a prospective bride, they informed them that the elder
> sister of this girl is married into a Madhwa family in Bangalore who gave
> them (the bride's family) a decent sum of money apart from spending money
> for the marriage themselves.  I heard that this practice of (arranged)
> inter-marriage  between brahmins and panchama sAli-s is now becoming
> popular.
> So, smarta/madhwa families are getting 'cosmopoliton'.  I mentioned this
> not as  a non-advaitic topic but since the discussion on conversion, etc.
> is initiated now.  Many say those  brahmana men in the purohita profession
> also face this difficulty and this solution is becoming popular.
> subrahmanian.v

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