[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Tue Jun 26 03:35:31 CDT 2012

No. There is a classic case of the Sringeri Acharya Sri Chandrashekhara
Bharati Swamiji's dialogue with a Westerner who was enamored by the Vedic
religion and wanted to convert to Hinduism.  The Acharya advised him:  //
There is no need for you to convert.  In fact there will be problems if 
convert.  Ishwara had a purpose in giving you birth in that religion
(Christianity) and in that land.  Go back to your country and consult your
religious leaders and they will sure have a way for your spiritual
progress.  That is the best one suited for you. //

Hare Krishna

Since my doubt is not related to the aparusheyatva, I have changed the 
subject heading. 

My doubt is whether mleccha-s ( Westerners) are not eligible to come to 
the  fold of vaidika dharma according to strict vedik rules??  I dont know 
what our dharma shAstra-s say about the conversions.  In the above case, 
H.H. might be knowing the 'fate'  of this Westerner and advised him to 
follow his sva-dharma.  But is this advice applicable to ALL people who 
want to pursue their adhyAtmika sAdhana according to vaidika tradition ?? 
Or is there any possibility to invite them into the traditional circle of 
vaidika dharma? We've been seeing this type of conversions in ashrama-s 
like Arsha Vidya, Ramakrishna, Chinmayananda etc.   wherein foreigners 
with the new Hindu names & traditional hindu attire (with shikha, dhOti, 
nAma/tripundra etc.)  doing the sAdhana & even discoursing the Hindu 
dharma to the interested audience.   Is this type of conversions allowed / 
acceptable to the orthodox trimatastha mutts in general & Amnaya shankara 
mutts in particular??  Please clarify.

Kindly also let me know whether there is any talk by H.H. Sri 
Chandrashekharendra Saraswati with regard to the conversions in Hindu 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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