[Advaita-l] Sphota and sabda Brahman.

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MayI Please repeat my query
Can anyone please explain to me the difference between Shabda Brahman as
>per Vakyapadeeya and The concept of Brahman as per Shankara Advaita
>and What is the Background for refutation the Sphota Doctrine??
Ajit Gargeshwari__________________________________________________________________
On June 19 SriAjit Gargeshwari had asked what is the difference between Sphota and Sabda Brahman.
Spota vada is based on the following theory:
Any word is madeup of "varnas".These varnas have particles.Each particle has "Matras".
These matras together form a word.For example,the word,"AUM"is formed by the three
letters A,U,and M,which are called,"A"kara,"U"kara and "M"kara.The word "AUM"when spelt with each individual letters,A,U,and M donot make any significance.When it is spelt
"A","U",and "M" when spelt continuously,the Omkara becomes decipherable,as sound which can be heard.
Now,the Sphota vada says that the letters when spelt individually donot make any significance,even though they have meaning.The word "AUM"when spelt continuously as "AUM"has significance.The Spotavada says that the sound or the significance is emanated from the space between the letters,"A"kara,"U"kara and "M"kara.The significance or recognition comes from what is called "Spota"or explosion.This is somewhat like the "Big bang"theory.In contrast to the scientific "Big bang"theory,we have the "Steady state theory"
According to the "Big bang"theory,Universe is created by "Big bang".In contrast to this,the "steady state"theory says that the Universe had been,it is ,and will be in the future.this is similar to our Vedanta.It will remain in steady state and maintaining the balance,even though there would be change inwardly in transition.
The "Spota vada"says that there are different levels that it can reach the Human level.It is categorised as:Para,Pasyanti,Madhyama,and Vaikhari.
The Vaikhari is the way the word is spelt out.It is akin to the way of accent.This is produced by the vocal chords,the way speech is spoken.This can be understood at the human level.There is "Vaikhari"or modulation in spelling the letters which form a word.Scientifically it is in the "Audio frequency range"from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz,minimum hearing level is at 3Decibels.The bandwidth is between the frequency range mentioned.
The "Madhyama'is signified by the letter "M"in Sa,Ri,Ga,Ma',Pa,Da,Ni which are the "sapta svaras"in Music.Music is said to have been born from "Sama Veda"."Sa"is Shadja,Ri is Rishabha,Ga is Gandhara,Ma is madhyama,pa is Panchama,Da is Daivata,and Ni is Nishada.Each have the baisis of the sound produced by birds and animals.
The "Madhyama'can be recognised at a higher level.The Pasyanti can only be heard by Yogis.The Para which is the highest level can be known only by "Jnanis"with Divine Posession.
Sabdha Brahman:According to this the Vedas,are "Apaurusheya",not created by any one.They are ever existing in the eternity.According to Panini,the sabdha is created by Ishwara when he vibrates his "Damaruga".It is the very breath of Iswara,who is Omniverse,Omni Present and Omni Potent.He is ever existing.The "Katha Upanishath"says "Ishano Buta Bavyasya".He exists in the Past,Present and Future(buta,vartamana and the bavishyath Kalas.The word "Brahman"is one which is "Brhath"from the "Brh"dhatu.

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