[Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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> The real problem, therefore, lies not in directly pitting traditional
> thinking
> vs. modern scientific and humanistic theories, but in the details of what
> is
> really meant by eternal existence of the universal in comparison to the
> manifestations of the individual particulars.

Nice presentation.
One must remember that even mImAMsaka-s can't deny that entities are
subject to birth. They just say that jAti-s are nitya.
Why ?
Because they see that birth and death are only related to person(vyakti).
Moreover, those mImAMsaka-s who accept pralaya, kalpa, etc. and vedAntin-s
have to accept that everything, including earth and human beings, has
begining. Even then they say that all jAti-s, words and their relation is
eternal. How is it possible as it is opposed to purANa-s, etc. ?
Because, birth of a person(vyakti) is not opposed to eternity of
How does they apply this ?
As said by Vidyasankar.
One more thing is needed to be remembered : satkAryavAda.
Everything which takes birth is accepted existing in it's cause before it's
So, when vyakti-s are dissolved in Ishvara, even then they exist. Here we
differ from others.
So, what is tagged as non-existence of language or jAti, etc. is known as
concealed-state by us. And same is true for birth. We say that an
expression of nitya-things(jAti, etc.) is known as birth by others. So, we
are on different planes here.

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