[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara condemns Jagat Nimitta Karana Vada of Ananda Teertha

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> Namaste
> God cannot be acting like a Superintendent of Nature and Souls. If He
> creates Superior, Mediocre and Inferior creatures he will have defects
> like likes and dislikes.
> Then He is no God at all.

In Dvaita, as in Advaita, jiva-s (souls) are not created.  While in Advaita
the differences between one and another soul is due to the unreal upAdhi,
as the very differentiating factors, the mind, etc. are themselves
avidyA-born upAdhis, in Dvaita each soul is 'svarUpataH', 'svabhAvataH'
what he is.  They cite the BG 17th chapter expression: ' yo yacchraddhaH sa
eva saH ' as authority.  The 'type' a jiva is intrinsically will never/can
never change, even in moksha.  There can be mukta-s with sattva/rajas and
tams  as their very svarupa.  There is also varna, aashrama, linga (gender)
bheda in moksha.  There can be even mukta couples and they can be having
children too, niyata santaanatva. Every jiva has an intrinsic body too and
hence there can be muktas in moksha avastha with cat, mosquito body, etc.
That way alone all jivas are eternally different from each other.  This is
what I heard from some scholars of that school.

In Advaita, however, the 17th chapter reference is only the jiva's
aupaadhika nature.  The 14th chapter negates all gunas whatsoever in
Atman.  So does the Bhagavatam, uddhavagita.  It says: all gunas are of
buddhi alone and
not of the Atman.  And the 13th chapter teaches that the buddhi is anAtman,
kshetra, and the kshetrajna is distinct from it. And hence the Gita teaches
that the guNAteeta alone becomes liberated.



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