[Advaita-l] dakSiNAmUrti stOtra from sUta saMhita

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I read a verse sometime ago, but do not remember the details of its source. According to that verse there are two types of shruti. One type is the Veda (Nigama) and the other type  is the Tantra (Agama). May be some friends might know about this more. 

Further we know that the Bhagavad Gita is the distillate of the Agamas and the Nigama and not of the Nigama alone, as Sanjaya makes it clear.

Sunil KB

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There is a typo again.  It should read as:
The pramANAs of the shAstra can only be taken so long as they are *not vEda viruddhA*. 
So, tantra can be accepted so long as they are in line with the shruti pratipAdya siddhAnta.
Regret the inconvenience.
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