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> In Advaita we can say everything is not only Male or not only female
> but Combination of Male and Female. The world is born combining Male
> and Female. If Brahman is Neuter It cannot give birth to world. But
> when Brahman has become Iswara and Prakruti-Maya the Iswara will
> create the world with Prakruti-Maya.
> We can say all men have both Maleness and Femaleness in them and all
> women have Maleness and Femaleness in them because Male Iswara is in
> everybody and the body Sarira of everybody is Prakruti-Maya only.
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> -Venkatesh

The Upanishad says: naiva stree na pumAn eShaH naiva chAyam napumsakaH...

The Supreme is neither male nor female or even a mix.  Genders are only an
adhyAsa and have no absolute reality.  Pure Consciousness alone is the
Truth which pervades every being in creation.


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