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There was an opinion by Sri Sunil that Bhagavatham, Ramayana etc. needs no
commentary. I gave the argument in favour of why commentary is required by
quoting a verse from Ramayana that could be very wrongly misinterpreted as
if Ravana succeeded in physically violating Sita. Vishnu, the Lord of
Sringara rasa, not even Bharatha Muni, only knows what sringara rasa is
being spoken of by Sri Vidyasankar or Sri Srikanta in this context.

In addition to Agni's reassurances, Lord Rama confirms that Ravana could
not even in his thoughts violate Sita leave alone touch her. Her pativrata
dharmam protected her in toto. Now, Sri Sriram said that Sita was referring
to Ravana carrying her from the forest. If Ravana succeeded in lustfully
touching her even to kidnap, then Lord Rama's statement would be false that
he could not even touch her in thoughts. It will also falsify countless
other statements in Ramayana that Sita was not physically or mentally
violated. Valmiki himself explains in what mood Ravana carried her - like
Budha, the son of Moon and Rohini, carrying his mother Rohini! Sita does
not directly go to Ashoka Vana. She walks beside Ravana and surveys his
palaces and treasury. What Ravana says in this context has two meanings. It
appears as if he is using his wealth to entice Sita but the other is in the
mood of child speaking to lokamata! It is part of tantra sastras to worship
the deity as a child. But Ravana could not worship the deity as a lover as
the deity (Sita) did not permit that. So, there was no Sringara Rasa
between Ravana and Sita.

On Sunday, June 3, 2012, Srikanta Narayanaswami wrote:

> It is wrong to think that eroticism is unholy or atrocious. Within the
> standard
> parameters of Indian literary and other artistic conventions, eroticism is
> not
> something to be abhorred always. In fact, SRngAra is often said to be the
> king of rasa-s in traditional Indian discussions of aesthetics. It is a
> sign of
> the continuing colonization of the Indian mind that many amongst us cringe
> at the very mention of SringAra. We have to stop alienating ourselves from
> our own culture.
> __________________________________________________________________________________
> Pranams.Well said Vidyashankarji.It is very much true that the continuous
> colonisation of the Indian mind that many amongst us cringe at the very
> mention of Sringara.Sringara rasa is also included in the Bharatha natya
> sastra.It would be sheer hyprocrisy if we say that we donot entertain the
> shringara rasa.
> Recently,I had a chance to go on a piligrimage to Orissa.I visited
> Puri,Konark and Bhuvaneshwar which has the famous Lingaraj temple.In all
> these temples,erotic sculptures
> are not only carved,but,also in solid form.I asked a Panda about the
> sculptures.He said,"Ee Shraman hai"By his explanation,I could understand
> that when Buddhism was spreading in these places,many youth abandoned homes
> and family life and becames "Sramans"In order to discourage the youth from
> turning to ascetism
> ,these sculptures were carved.Also,Tantric rituals were practiced in these
> temples.It was Ramanujacharya in the 12th century who tried to introduce
> "Pancharatra"mode of worship.But,he could not succed.Even now,the
> "Vaikhanasa'and Tantirc mode of worship is followed,without the "mithuna"
> and "madhya"offering to the devotees.Instead of "madhya"devotees are given
> tender coconut water.The "Devadasi"natya was also abolished
> years before.
> N.Srikanta.
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