[Advaita-l] ’upAsana' and 'bhakti'

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To know what one plus two makes one need not go to a Nobel-laureate and it is okay if one just asks a school-boy. So also to know the difference between Bhakti and Upasana do we need to to go so deep and search all the different statements? Bhakti is the love and devotion with respect and Upasana is the worship of the loved and respected one  by the devotee. The bhakta does the upasana of the Bhagavan. That is enough for comprehension. A stage comes to a  Jnani when he or she does not need any shastra and the comprehension alone suffices.


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> "The nature of this distinction is suggested by the tradition of mImAmasa
> in sutra 9.1.9:
> ” api vA shabda-pUrvatvAdyaGYana-karma pradhAnaM syAd-guNatve
> devatA-shrutiH “
> The great ritualist-scholar shabara svamin explains this sUtra:
> “The
>  deity and the offering are both accomplished entities, while the act of
>  ritual is what is to be accomplished.

You are completely off the track by quoting this unrelated text.

> So anyone who holds that deities really possess hands and limbs or real
> forms should be considered as shruti bAhya or veda bAhya.

This again proves your complete misunderstanding of what I have said.  I am
sorry your labor is in vain.

> That is because your interaction as I suspected and pointed out earlier is
> limited to people belonging to only one tradition or traditions based on
> bhakti.
> These people that you have seen are not true representatives of mantra
> shAstra.  It is as simple as that.

You are again wrong.  I have not based my position on bhakti traditions.
It is a pity you could not even identify what I am discussing.

> To summarize your response: It is simply an UN-necessary mix up of issues
> arising from an improper understanding of the position of veda on deities
> and rituals and also due to limited or lack of exposure to any genuine
> mantra shAstra traditions. These lead you to to the improper and false
> equation.

I would have appreciated your lengthy response if it had contained even a
bit of Vedanta as taught by Shankara.  It is this we are discussing and
bringing in everything unrelated to Vedanta is simply a waste of time of
the members of this List.


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