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The brahmins did not have the Gupta surname. The Gupta surname is for the kshatriyas only. I reemember reading some years ago that Chandrasarma (the purvashrama name of Govindapada) is said to have had four wives and one of the wife was a princess from the Maurya dynasty. By a quirk of fate his first son Bhartrihari, from his brahmin wife became the ruler of Ujjain as Vikramarka, the son of his kshatriya wife was young. Bhartrihari had some family disappointment and he took to sanyasha. By that time Vikramarka grew up. When Govindapada took his samadhi, Vikramarka came to the place near Narmada, where Govindapada tok his samadhi. It seems the people of Ujjain vouch for this till today.


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From the patanjali carita of rAmabhadra dIkshita, a 17th century poem.

Note that the original Sanskrit verses name the grammar student of a
brahmarAkshasa as candragupta, not as candraSarmA. The name has
become candraSarmA in the English renditions of the talks given by the
Kanchi Acharya.

Note also that the story of gauDapAda having been cursed to become a
brahmarAkshasa and eating up people who couln't answer questions on
grammar is what I described as not being very flattering to gauDapAda.
The story is one person's poetic fancy and should be understood as such.


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> Many thanks for providing this story. I have one question. From where
> is it that Kanchi Swamiji extracted this story? I ask this as there is
> no mention of such a story in the Digvijayas. Is there any scriptural
> evidence which accredits this information?
> BhavatyAh,
> Abhishek Madhyastha
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