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I was narrated an interesting episode about Suka Yogindra by my
Acharya.  Not sure how far it is true as I didn’t find any
evidence but it is coming through in our parampara as a 
It seems even Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also narrated
a similar episode.  
There were 2 shukAs and both were sons of bAdarAyaNa.
The first one was a great Avadhuta who initiated into 
mahAvAkya “tat tvam asi” when he was a child by Lord Siva. 
The moment he was initiated in the Mahavakya, 
Bhagavan Suka experienced the divine ecstasy.  Became a Jivanmuta
and used to roam about in “sarvAtma bhAva”. Thus
dancing in ecstasy, immersed in his atma swarupa, merged himself along with his
physical body and disappeared in Naimisharanya. 
As bAdarAyaNa was attached to his son shuka the moment
his son merged with Absolute, couldn’t control his grief.  
Out of his tapObala, gave birth to another son who assumed the 
face of a parrot (shuka).  Since, he bore the face of parrot (shuka), 
He came to be known as shuka Brahman.  To this second Son, 
Bhagavan Veda Vyasa initiates into Srimad Bhagavta Mahapurana. 
This same shuka initiates the Bhagavata Purana to the King Parikshit.

BTW, there is a significance in the name “shuka” that represents
“shAstra vAngmaya”.  This “shuka” is also called “kIra” in Sanskrit
this is seen in the hands of Mother Meenakshi of Madhurai and
Mother Sarada of Sringeri.  
Also, parrots are said to give us Ananda through their “vAk”.  
Similarly, shuka brahma is said to bless us with rasa called
“brahmAnanda rasa” through His Divine Teaching which is
the essence of shAstras  (shruti sAra).  This shruti-sAra is
represented with shuka symbolically.
There is also another interesting interpretation w.r.t. to shuka.

Generally, parrots do not touch and taste the fruit unless the fruit is ripe,
juicy and delicious.   It is implied that the fruit especially guava 
that is bitten by parrot is supposed to be delicious.

In the similar fashion, “bhAgavata mahApurANa” that has come from the 
Divine lips of Bhagavan Shuka is said to be a delicious juicy fruit that 
is brimming with Bhakti Rasa.  Bhagava Shuka, having tasted this Krishna Bhakti
Rasa, bestows to the His disciples.  
Now coming to the point, it is not a great
deal for saints & yogis to meet in sukshma sareera and their
meeting need not be a physical meeting with the help of
bhautika shareera.   There are several instances which are
found in the lives of yogis where they interact with their
gurus which is a phenomena that belongs to higher
plane of consciousness.  
Nrisimha Bharati of Sringeri, in the previous night, just prior to shedding His
Mortal coil, went through His subtle body and worshipped
the Mahabaleshwara Linga.    
Sivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati, even after His guru passed away,
used to converse with Him in Narasimha Vana.  The 
Guru Paduka Stotra, thus overflowed through His divine
Lips.   He once had the divine vision of Sadasiva Brahmendra
Saraswati and the result was Sadasiva Pancharatna Stuti. 
Chandrasekhara Bharati used to converse with 
Acharya Sankara Bhagavatpada and Mother Sarada.
When these noble souls were ever in communion
with their acharyas even though they shed their
physical frames, what to speak of Sankara Bhagavatpada
who was none other than the incarnation of Lord Siva
(shaMbhOrmuritH charati bhuvanE shankarAchArya rUpA).
So, biographical sketches of saints are based on the author’s 
limited understanding of “guru tattva”.   Guru / saint is not limited to 
his physical frame.  
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