[Advaita-l] Shuka and Gaudapada

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In that case, many sages, sanyasins,etc can be regarded as
chiranjeevis. Nevertheless, that's not my primary question. My
question correlates to how Sri Gaudapada was found and taken up by Sri
Shuka. Is there any tale like the ones pertaining to Sri Shankara and
his 4 main disciples?

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>> Sri Shuka is not one of the 7 chiranjivis. Shuka disappeared(attained
>> moksha) in a cave at Shukachari. Please correct your facts.
>> BhavatyAh,
>> Abhishek Madhyastha
> The disappearance at Shukachari is only hagiography. I met someone whose
> friend recited Bhagavatam near Vyasa cave and Suka Brahma Rishi appeared.
> This is again only hagiography - result of subjective experience or
> imagination. We have to go by literary reference if we talk facts and
> metaphysical logic. There is no record of Suka's disappearance in
> Bhagavatam or Mahabharatha. Regarding number of chiranjeevis,in eka jiva
> vada, all jiva bhasas which get liberated are chiranjeevis. They can
> incarnate with a form at the sankalpa of Ishwara. I am happy to be
> corrected.
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