[Advaita-l] Madhusudhana Saraswathi and Advaita.

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> Pranams.This is with reference to the many postings regarding the above
> topic in this list.There is certainly a discernible element in how Bhakthi
> came to be introduced in the Advaita philosophy.As we refer the various
> stages in the Philosophy of other systems
> like,Vaisheshika,Nyaya,Mimamsa,Navya Nyaya,etc.we can see at what stage the
> element of Bhakthi was introduced in Advaita philosophy.What can be said is
> that the Advaita as it is studied and professed with the element of Bhakthi
> as we see now is certainly not Pure Advaita.This can be said as we study
> the earliest book on Advaita,Mandukyopanishad with Gaudapada
> karikas.Gaudapada has taken utmost care to present the advaita concept
> without borrowing from other systems.In the IIIrd prakarana called "The
> advaita prakarana",he says:
> "Upasanashritasya dharmasya jate Brahmani vartate!
> Pragutpatteh ajam sarve tenasau krpanah smrtah!!
> "The "dharma"(jiva-individual being) is in worship of the
> "Brahman"(Hiranyagarbha Brahman)
> But,before being born,all are Unborn,therefore it is considered to be
> miserly(krpanah)!!
In his reply,V.Subramaniam had quoted the following karika on the "upasana".

Sri GauDapAdAchArya in the kArikA 3.16 says:

आश्रमास्त्रिविधा हीनमध्यमोत्कृष्टदृष्टयः ।
उपासनोपदिष्टेयं तदर्थमनुकम्पया ॥ 16 ॥
But,the term "pragutpateh"again occurs in the karika .14 of the Advaita prakarana.
It says:
Jivatmanoh prthakatvam yath pragutpatteh prakirtitam!
bhavishyadvrtya gaunam tan mukhyatvam hi na yujyate!!--III.14.
"the difference between the jiva and the Atman'which is said before the origination is only "gauna"(figurative)from the point oview of future occurrence,because it is not used in the "primary sense".
Hence,the discussion is not with reference to the 'ashrama like hina,madhyama and utkrshta.

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