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> Poojya Sadaji,
> Thanks for immediate response, but however I feel you didn't answer my
> question...
> Whatever be the path (A, VA, D, or even C or M) the truth should be one,
> Isn't it?
> When you surrender (via bhakthi marga) / drop (thru Jnana)  your ego
> completely
> what else??  Mukti is right Now and Here, right?
> than , can I say, rest are all stories made up by mind  as ego is also a
> mind stuff!!!
When someone asked Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi why there were so many schools
even with Veda/Vedanta, he replied: All the (three) Acharyas have one
message in common:  the jiva has to shed his ego.   When this is completely
accomplished the rest of the details of what they said is only secondary.
Our duty is to shed the ego.

In response to what Shri Murali has asked:

A study of the prasthAnatraya bhashya of Shankaracharya is the best way to
know what exactly the system of Vedanta is about.  One can study the
Mandukya upanishad along with the kArikA-s and bhashya thereon.  The best
source for this is the talks CDs available from shAstraprakAshikA Trust,
Chennai, which makes available the recordings of Swami Paramarthananda ji,
in English.

Above all, a good Acharya of the Advaita Sampradaya will be able to convey
the accurate purport of the Scripture and the commentaries when one studies
under him.  There will be a lot of occasion to ask questions in that set
up.  In a nutshell this can be said:  All the teaching about creation and
the Creator, karma, phala, lokAntara, sadhana, moksha, etc. are an
adhyAropa, a deliberate superimposition by the Scripture, in order to
enable the aspirant to know the Truth.  The apavAda, negation of what was
earlier superimposed deliberately, will naturally happen when the Truth is
known, even if grasped initially thoroughly.



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