[Advaita-l] Madhusudana Saraswati

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I have no intention to teach you as an individual as in the Indian tradition only one who respects the teacher is given the teachings. I am sharing my views with the learned members of the group. 

You are living in the past. I gave theĀ  views of Prof. Gupta. According to her she knows that Bhakti-rasayana preceded BHG commentary but she really does not know where Advaitasiddhi stands qua Bhaktirasayana or 
Bhagavadgita commentary. She does not place Advaita-siddhi before Bhakti-rasayana. You have no respect for truth. As Prof. Gupta is uncertain it is foolishness to drag her name continuously into this controversy. Prof Pandeya

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Madhusudana's scholarship was established with his first work Samkshepa SAriraka Sara . It is grossly incorrect to say he did not initially understand Advaita or even that he might not have. His views on Bhakti are same in GDD and BhR. So, you are establishing nothing by arguing that AS is later than BhR. Please read at least introduction to GDD and 18.66.

You are wrong if you say that according to Dr. Sanjukta AS is not before BhR. Let me quote from her book The Philosophy of Madhusudana, "As the ideas and often the language used here (Mahimah stotra tika) resemble that of the Advaita Siddhi, it's date of composition may be placed somewhere near the time of the Advaita Siddhi, and probably preceding Bhakti Rasayana". She places both AS and MST before BhR.

If you say he took ideas from the gosvamis, then you should say he is dishonest for not giving credit where it is due. He does not mention gosvamis at all. I subscribe to the less popular theory that he is from south India.

I will not write further on this unless you either teach something of value or learn.

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