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Do you know Madhusudana Saraswati's father's name and the place where is father was from? Also do you know what was his mother tongue and which community he belonged to? Please quote from the reliable  references if you have any. 
Just claiming to be ditto copy cannot save you Mr. Rajaram. Now you are caught redhanded. Why can't you quote  rather than claiming?
Thye question was whether the Gidhartha_didpika and Advaita-siddhi are after Bhasgavad-bhakti-rasayana (BBR) of before BBR. You cannot prove Advaita-siddhi to be before BBR. Professor Gupta is sure that Gudhartha dipika succeeded Bhagavad-bhakti-rasayana but she is not know about the Advaita-siddhi. So leave her alone. Prof. Pandeya and Prof. Nelson opined that BBR preceded Advaita-siddhi. So that settles the issue for me. You can even forget Anand Hubliji in this context as he has not reaffirmed his position on this issue. Now that Adavia-siddhi succeeded BBR please do not waste any time time on lingering on this issue.
I think you have to brush up your English and be honest.  I did not say Madhusudana stole any idea from the Gaudiya school.. Madhusudana could have been influenced by the Chaitanya's school at one point in his life and that is not called staeling, Mr. Rajaram..Madhuasudana was an honest person. As you are casting doubt on his honesty I am now compelled to doubt your own  honesty.  

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I am very selfish in the sense that I discuss only when I learn something. So, please dont be disappointed if I dont respond. I will briefly answer your points (nothing new). I leave you to draw your conclusions. 
On Sunday, February 19, 2012, Sunil Bhattacharjya wrote:
Before taking the role of a policeman you have to establish that there was no Vaishnavism in Bengal in those days if you insist that the Bengli boy Kamalajanayana was not influence by the Viasnavism
Rajaram: I dont think Madhusudana is from Bengal. That conclusion by scholars is primarily based on stories - not any literary evidence. There is one scholar (apart from me - just kidding :)) who concluded likewise.
Secondly,  you forgot about Nelson this time. What about your false claim that I quoted what you quoted earlier.
Rajaram: Please tell me what works of Nelson you have read on Madhusudana. Your post on Nelson is a ditto copy of mine on Jan 29 - the opening post of the thread titled "Did Madhusudana reconcile ...?".  

Thirdly let us sort out one by one. Your statement that "So, even if you can prove that Advaita Siddhi was later than BhR, it will not serve any purpose." is a clear indication that your pride is preventing you from admitting that Advaita-siddhi was written after Bhagavad-bhakti-rasayana.
Rajaram: According to Dr. Sanjukta Advaita Siddhi is most probably before BhR and she has given reasons for that. My point is totally misunderstood by you. Even if you can prove Advaita Siddhi was later than BhR, you cannot prove Gudartha Dipika is later than BhR. Gudartha Dipika says clearly establishes the position of bhakti and BhR. 

>All people are not adamant not to change their views. There has been examples in the past. Even much before Adi Sankarcharya Vasubandhu did that. That is quite natural for honest people to do when they come to understand their mistakes. I consider Madhusudana Saraswati to be an honest man with an open mind  unless you can prove otherwise. 
Rajaram: You say that he stole ideas from gaudiya vaishnavism without giving credit to the latter. If you are right, then I have to say he was not an honest person. Needless to say, I think he was honest :)

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