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Namste Sadanandaji,

If you permit me, let me add that the sense perception of Jiva is also due to the Parampada, as said in the Kena upanishad. The ears can hear because of Him etc.


Sunil KB

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Kalyan - PraNAms

Subbuji has already addressed the questions. The five components of jiiva or Iswara are not associated with particular states per sec. In waking state for example all the five components are expressed - we have the gross body, the subtle body, the causal bady as well as the chidaabhaasa - the fifth one is ever existent  as sat chit swaruupam. In the dream state the gross body is -as though- folded and the rest are there - in the deep sleep state the karaaNa Shariira is there along with pure consciousness. Chidaabhaasa arises only when the mind is there to reflect as the very name indicates. The pure consciousness is only referred to as the fourth - caturtham manyante - but it is not really the fourth state - since it is there in all the states. 

Regarding the pralaya state and Iswara - just as in laya for jiiva where the knowledge he has in potential form, same goes with Iswara in the pralaya - all the knowledge is in potential form. He is in yoga nidra. When I am in nidra - do I have or  not the knowledge of say, Chemistry or physics etc? I have what ever knowledge I had - but now in potential form. To express the knowledge instruments are required. Till then they are avyaktam - unmanifested form - avyaktaani bhuutani vyakta madhyaani bhaarata - Hence all jiivas and the jagat are in potential form before creation starts. Creation is again is motivated by the push of the vaasanas of all jiivas that are in potential form which are getting ready to express. 

Actually Jagat and Iswara come into picture with the crystallization of jiiva-hood who identifies himself with local BMI and sees the world separate from him. This can be seen clearly when we dream. We do not have dream world created first and then jiiva created in the preexisting world - If there is world before jiiva enters then who will see or know that world? A sequence of process is expressed for understanding with anupravesha statement. When I go to deep sleep state where is the world and where is Iswara? Along with the jagat every thing is folded into potential or subtle form. What is there is pure existence and pure ignorance. I do not know that I am ignorant while I am in deep sleep state since to know my ignorance also I need the mind which was folded in the deep sleep state. Hence the scripture provides the info in terms of what was there in deep sleep state or during pralaya. He is the author of the scriptures. Hence He has to be sarvajnaH. 
Hope this helps

Hari Om!

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> Also, Sadananda-ji, you ask us to
> refer to Mandukya upanishad. But only
> four states are mentioned in that upanishad. Can you please
> explain how
> there are five states here?

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