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Rajaram - PraNAms -  - for further details I request you to look into Mandukya and kaarika.

Totality in unmanifested form exists in pralaya and creation is nothing but unmanifest to manifest - just as you wake up from deep sleep and dream world and see the plurality.

Mayaa is that power because of which unmanifest become manifest. Iswara is the one  who identifies with mayaa as His power in seeing the unmanifest to manifest. Manifestation involves himself becoming or appearing as many. bahusyaam prajaayeyeti. In essence with maayaa he becomes abhinna nimitta upaadaana kaaraNa, material and intelligent cause for creation. mayaa is as Krishna says - daiviim eshaa guNamayi mama maayaa duratyayaa - mayaa of mine is of divine origin and it is very difficult to cross and Shankara says it is aghatita ghataaNaa paTiiyasii - that which makes impossible possible. Totality and singularity are both involved depending on how one understands the nature of Iswara. Totality and singularity are two sides of the same coin just I the waker become a dreamer with the pluralistic dream world - both as Iswara the creator of the dream and the jiiva a subject in the dream experiencing the pluralistic dream world. I have the knowledge of the
creation of the dream world and the samskaara or vaasanas in me that are projected as dream world of plurality for me to experience as a jiiva in the dream world.  When I go to deep sleep after dreaming all the dream world of plurality is absorbed into my mind which is now folded.The analogy is exact.
For further details I request you to look into Mandukya Up and its bhaashya. 
Just for info - one can listen to Madukya Upanishad and kaarika at http://www.chinmayadc.org/sadananda.htm - if interested.

Hope it is clear

Hari Om!

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> What do you mean by totality (maya or
> its effects)? During the time between dissolution and
> creation, does 'totality' exist? Does the association
> between brahman and totality (Ishwara) exist? 
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