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Kalanji PraNAms

Witness vs pramaataa in the traid pramaataa-prameya-pramaaNa can be understood if we understand the mechanics of know knowledge takes place. There are some discussions on this in 

Hope this helps

--- On Mon, 2/20/12, Kalyan K <kalyankc.81 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sri Subramanian-ji, I am sorry I still did not
> understand this. Is it
> the mind that knows? Or is it the pramAtA, who is endowed
> with mind and
> sense organs that knows? If the latter, who is this
> pramAtA?
> I understand that the Self is the witness. But what does it
> mean to say
> that the Self illuminates the entire process? What does the
> word illuminate
> mean here?
> Regards
> Kalyan
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