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> How does Ishwara know? He does not
> have a mind.


Last Sunday class on Vivekchudamani, while giving introduction to the tat tvam asi and bhaaga tyaaga lakshaNa involved in appreciating the lakshyaartha of the mahaavaakya, Swami Paramarthanandaji explained the identity of jiiva and iswara in this way.

Each one is a composite of five components.
Jiva components are: 1. stulla shariira, 
2. suukshma shariira 
3. kaarana shariira evident when one sleeps or laya.
4. reflected consciousness (RC) which is chidaabhaasa and 
5 all pervading Original consciousness (OC). 
The suukshma shariira includes all the five senses, mind, intellect,etc.

Iswara also has five components - refer to Mandukya in terms of micro and macro aspects involed. 
1. Viraat swaruupa 
2. Hiranya garbha or samashTi suukshma shariira where total mind is involved. 
3. karaana shariira evident when all the creation goes into subtle state as in pralaya and 
4. Reflected consciousness - expressed as maayaa 
5. all pervading original consciousness OC. 
Equation of tat tvam asi involves bhaaga tyaagam where the first four parts of each are discarded since the do not equate and only the remaining part - oc is equated. 

Now to answer the comment - Iswara has the body which is total virat and has the mind which is the total subtle mind. Hence he is called sarvajNaH in the ashTottara naamaavali. 

Hari Om!

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