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> Many people (including smArtas) recite the "srI venkateSwara
> prapatti"
> without knowing any of the details of VA philosophy. Some of
> these reciters
> might be believers in advaita too. Would these advaitins be
> denied entry
> into vaikuNTa because of their status as advaitins?

Shree Kalyan - PraNAms

Prappatti is not some chanting without meaning. Prapatti involves complete understanding that Lord alone is my savior and surrendering manasaa vaachaa karmanaa - to the Lord - there are marjaala nyaaya and markataka nyaaya - kitten nyaaya or baby monkey nyaaya in terms of method of surrender corresponding to  vaDahali and Tengali sampradaayams 

It is surrendering like a kitten to its mother - mother takes full responsibility even carrying from place to place for safety of the kittens. In the case of baby monkey it is has to hold on to the mother all the time while mother keep jumping from one branch to the other - it is baby monkey responsibility to hold on. The philosophies obviously differ in terms what is involved in surrendering oneself to the Lord. Only actions that are pleasing to the Lord are performed in the offering as kainkaryam. 

If one chants without understanding nothing happens. If it is done with faith then it have blessings in the form of a future-help to make the chanter understand what he is chanting. 

For advaitin if he understands and chants he will have chitta suddhi - help his mind to appreciate the Vedantic teaching. 

Hari Om!

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