[Advaita-l] Multiple levels of reality

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 00:33:07 CST 2012

> >>Ignorance is adhyAsa and adhyAsa is natural.

>Doesn't answer the question.

Why not? Since ignorance is natural, a sAdhaka does not need an exposition
on multiple realities to be taught that he is ignorant. The SravaNa etc. is
not on mAya but on brahman.

>That's the formal parampara.  However several pre-Shankaran Advaitins are
known from quotations in various works >such as Sundara Pandya,
Brahmanandin, Dravidacharya etc.  How far back do they go?  We are unable
to say at >this time

Even if there may be advaitins before gauDapAda and after buddha, (I say
after buddha because yagnavalkya, for example, was a pre-buddhistic
advaitin), there is absolutely no evidence to show that they were talking
of multiple realities. If you have any, then you may present it.

"All available evidence" indicates that nAgArjuna was the first person to
use the doctrine of multiple truths and the idea of using "lost
manuscripts", "invasions" etc. is looking like an artificial attempt to
deny this.


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