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Rajaram PraNAms - Your declarative statements prompted me to respond. 

Mukti as per advaita is not some thing to attain since you are ever liberated. Mukti that comes can go away too. Please refer to Goudapaadas alaati shanti prakaraNa. In VishiShTaadvaita, yes you go to vaikunTa since the all pervading Lord is in VaikunTa -a logical contradiction.

In krama mukti - you can go only upto Brahman loka - there you need to go through the same vedantic study under the guidance of Brahmaji who takes classes once in 32 years (I assume Brahmaji's years). I suggest it is better to go through the Vedantic shravana manana and nidhidhyaasana here itself than post pone to later. 

Prapaati as per advaita is surrendering completely the ego and that happens only with the knowledge that it is false. false can be falsified by the knowledge that it is false and any other method will only make it more real than false. Surrendering can only occur once and we cannot repeatedly surrender. tanu mana dhana subkuch terahai - can be said only once; and once given to Him we cannot give it again the next day during aarati. The other surrendering is just naamkevaste surrender. Hence knowledge alone gives liberation and Krishna says Jnaani is the supreme bhakta. Therefore bhkati - jnaanam - prapatti - renunciation that is said in tyaagenaike amRitatvam - all are essentially the same - the recognition that I am nitya mukta swaruupaH. Nothing to attain but something to understand of my true nature in clear terms where I surrender (prappatti) of my false identifications. Personally I have no interest to study Vedanta in Brahma loka - happy to do that

About siddhis - I have many already. I can fold my hands, blink my eyes, eat delicious food and convert that into garbage, I can talk, listen, smell, taste - oh! what a wonder - a bunch of minerals, carbohydrates and inert matter can do all that! Even experiences the pain in my back!  What more siddhis I need. Just marvel at the vibhuutis of the Lord, nay of my own vibhuuties right here and right now. Ah! I can even express the thoughts in writing and typing with all spelling mistakes making others also wonder. What more siddhis I need to prove myself!

Hari Om!

--- On Sat, 2/18/12, Rajaram Venkataramani <rajaramvenk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Rajaram: But jivan mukti is attained only by a rare few. It
> is hard to
> attain and avidya lesha is not removable until death. And
> more importantly
> a jivan mukta loses the opportunity to experience the
> auspicious qualities
> of Hari and pure bhakti after death. In Krama Mukti, one
> attains both
> saguna and nirguna brahman. So, it seems more desirable.
> Is it attained through siddhi in one of the brahma-vidyas? I
> thought the
> Lord says it is attained through antima smarana and bhagavat
> smarana (rf.
> bg verse man mana).
> Does advaita tradition admit the scriptural validity of
> prapatti marga of
> sri vaishnavas to attain brahmaloka (vaikuntha prapti) or
> considers it
> bogus?

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