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Shaankara Vijnaana Vybhavam at Bangalore

Namaste All,

We have a group of persons pursuing diverse types of careers but
deeply interested in Vedanta. They may be scientists, technologists,
doctors etc.. but the element of mumukshatva in them has attracted
them towards study of philosophy to understand the truth.This has led
them to the light shown by Adi Shankara and his exposition of Vedanta.

A group of such persons have collectively proposed to have a programme
organised to have a thorough and in depth view of the Siddhanta with
the help of eminent Sanyasis and Vedantic scholors. The above
programme is organised as part of Shankara Jayanthi from 10th  May
2012 to 12th May for the benefit of mumukshus only.

Programme details

Venue : Vijayabharathi School Premises, Girinagar, Bangalore

Topic : Various topics from Shankara prasthana traya bhashya

Language : Sanskrit and Hindi

Invitees Expected:

1) Swami Paramananda Bharathi
2) Swami Prakashanandendra Saraswati
3) Swami Advayanandendra Saraswati
4) Swami Hariharabrahmendrananda
5) Swami Tribhuvan Das and few more sanyasis.
6) Sri Krishnamurthy Shastry
7) Sri Swaminathan Shastry
8) Sri Manidravida Shastry
9) Sri Goda Venkateshwara Shastry
10) Sri MLN Murthy
11) Sri Kutumba Sastry
12) Sri Aswathanarayana Avadhani and few more scholars

All are invited to attend the programme and get the benefit of the
proceedings and partake lunch etc.

This information is passed now itself so that people interested to
attend can plan ahead.

For any further details and RSVP please contact:

Ramachandra.sastry at gmail.com
Shashidhara.sastry at gmail.com


निराशीर्निर्ममो भूत्वा युध्यस्व विगतज्वरः।। (भ.गी.)
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