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Yes, the concept of later addition does not make any difference at all. The message of the quote from the Sve.Up. is loud and clear. With the highest devotion to the Lord and the Guru alone one deserves their grace and can get the highest knowledge and that means that such a person attains the realization that he or she is one with the Lord. Of all his devotees in his court Lord Ram offered the Sayujya mukti only to Hanuman, who had the highest Bhakti to the Lord. Only one with the highest bhakti (which also implies the least of ego),  one deserves Lord's grace. 

The different Upanishads appear to give different messages and that is why one needs to read the Uttara Gita and the Bhagavad Gita and if one is inclined can  even read up the Uddhava Gita. In these three Gitas Lord Krishna covered the essence of practically all the Vedic knowledge.


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>Moreover,Shv.Up is treated to be a later addition,and many scholars hold that the commentary on it is not by Shankara.
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Yes, the commentary on the SvetASvataropanishat is probably from a later author, but
there are numerous instances in the prAthAna traya bhAshya-s where Sankara quotes
this text.

As far as vedAntins are concerned, this "later addition" concept is totally irrelevant. There
may well be differences within the time period to which a critical scholar may assign this
text as compared to the chAndogya or bRhadAraNyaka, but SvetASvatara is an integral
part of the Sruti prasthAna.

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