[Advaita-l] Prayer and prArabdha

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Feb 16 00:50:30 CST 2012

Thanks subbuji, kathirasanji, sadaji for the beautiful answers.
Subbuji, a more clarification on the below statement is sought.
So, the 'change' or 'relief' that prayer or any other prAyashchitta karma can bring
about is more in the subject
Because, i have seen some cases that are beyond the scope of understanding.
A certain couple were issueless.  Observance of horoscope showed no issues.  
However, our kula purOhita initiated them in santAna gOpAla mantra and suggested
pArAyaNa of "harivamsa".  Within couple of years, twins were born.
So, how to answer this question.  Should i conclude that:
1) The prayers were answered by Ishwara and it is Ishwara anugraha that changed their prArabdha 
2) The prArabdha bhukti in the *current life being issueless* has been shifted to subsequent birth so that in the next life they have to suffer the prArabdha anubhava of being issueless as in either case they have to have the prArabdha karama phala, if not in this life but in the next life.  

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