[Advaita-l] Prayer and prArabdha

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Shree Venkara Sriram - PraNAms

With severe back pain, I can say that Swamiji's statement is absolutely true - but with a clause. BMI will have the praarabda since it is a product of praarabda but not the one who is witnessing that. Back pains because there is a back to pain! Understanding is that praarabda does not belong to me but to the BMI is the knowledge. It is not absence of praarabda but understanding that I am not the owner of it. As long as BMI is there praarabda will be there. 
Prayers etc will help to objectify the praarabda so that one can firmly abide in the knowledge that I am ever free from praarabda.

I have met Shree Swamiji in Anantapur couple of weeks ago when he visited Poor Brahman hostel that we are running in the name of our father. 

Hari Om!

--- On Wed, 2/15/12, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in> wrote:

> I was listening to the Bhagavat Gita discourse by Shri
> Paripoornananda Saraswati
> of Sripeetam, Kakinada.  While explaining the karma yoga,
> swamiji said that none can escape the bhoga of prArabdha
> karma phala.  
> Even if one does prarthana / mantra japa / navagraha japas
> etc., prarabdha karma phala has to be experienced.  There
> is no escape.  
> I would like to know, how far the above statement is true. 
> sriram
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