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Sacred Books of the Hindus Volume 15 Part 2 page 456-

The text of the Sutra 2-2-29 therefore is intended to refute the
doctrine of those persons who believe in the unreality of the world;
and it shows that there will never come any experience of the nature
maintained by the Mayavadins namely that there is a stage when one
realizes that this world never was nor exists in the present nor will
come into existence in the future.

What you are saying Parinami Nitya is experienced in Waking. It is not
like dream objects. Sutra 2-2-29 cannot be explained if both Waking
and Dream objects are same.

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>> Do puranas and/or upanishads talk about eternal imperishable lokas?
> All loka-s will perish in pralaya.  They reappear in the next sriShTi.  In
> any case this creation-destruction cycle itself is eternal but its
> eternality is different from Brahman's nityatva.  As we have seen earlier
> the former is called 'pariNAmi nitya' and the latter 'kUTastha nitya'.  The
> former is mithyA and the latter satya.  MAyA is the former and Brahman is
> the latter.
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