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They have their own definitions of moxa which do not involve so called mahAvAkya-s and are much thorough when compared to shankara's vedAnta when it comes to step by step experience of deities ultimately leading to shivatva. So they do not need another janma!

We could say, this is what advaitin-s believe in i.e. the said GYAna will dawn on them in brahma loka...just like the christians or muslims have their own beliefs

So that is the reason I am asking is attaining brahma loka some place[like the Christian or Muslim believe in Heaven] or something metaphorical.

If it is a place where is it in the vyavahAra? Or if it is metaphorical, then the question is why do those who have attained unity with their devata-s[i.e. attained to pinnacle of upAsana] do not mahAvAkya-s.

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However, they do not talk about advaita or shankara or
do not discuss or care about any mahAvAkya-s. 

Hare Krishna 

that means they are not yet ready to
receive the paramArtha svarUpa jnAna :-))  this is the answer one
would get from advaitins.  Perhaps they may get this advaita saMskAra
in their next janma or yOgya adhikAri would get the initiation in advaita
jnAna by hiraNya garbha at brahma lOka.   

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!! 

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