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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Yes, it is something like above he insists in his dialogue.  He advises,
> one should not skip his nitya & naimittika karma and do nAma saMkeertana
> instead.  He gives here an example of two disciples, one who is always
> praising his guru without doing any work as entrusted by his guru and
> another who is sincerely following his guru's instruction in executing his
> duties.

Very nice.  We can see the further development here.  Bhagavan, pleased by
the sincere nityAnuShThAna of this devotee will Himself take him further to
the shAstra shravaNa, etc.  This is exactly stated in a shloka of the sarva
vedanta siddhanta saara sangraha:

जन्मानेकशतै:  सदादरयुजा भक्त्या समाराधितो

भक्तैर्वैदिकलक्षणेन विधिना सन्तुष्ट ईश: स्वयम् ।

साक्षात् श्रीगुरुरूपमेत्य कृपया द्रूग्गोचरस्सन् प्रभु:

तत्त्वं साधु विशोध्य तारयति तान् संसारदु:खार्णवात् ॥ (225)

[The Lord, being pleased with the constant and unflinching devotion and
worship in the prescribed manner, extending over many lives on the part of
the seeker, manifests Himself, in His infinite mercy in the human form of
the Guru, thereby becoming accessible to the shishya for shushrUshA and
vichara which culminate in his crossing over the perilous ocean of samsara.]

It is said that karrmAnushthAna will result in the (pApa) pratibandhaka
kshaya and open the doors for aatma vishayaka jijnaasa.



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