[Advaita-l] Maya in Advaita and Buddhism

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 01:55:56 CST 2012

This is with reference to the above topic.There is a vast difference between how the term Maya is used in Advaita and Buddhism.As for as Advaita is concerned,the Advaita siddhanta goes by Sruthi texts.Two statements are found in the sruthi texts:"Sadeva somya idam agra aseet" and "asadeva somya idam agra aseet".These two statements seem to contrdict each other.Here,for Advaita sadeva is  meant as in manifested form,and asadeva is meant in the unmanifested form.Such statements are found in other Upanishads also.For instance we  have in the Ishavasyopanishad two seemigly conflicting statements,
"vidyamscaavidyamsca yastadvedobhayam saha!
avidyaya mrthyum teerthva
vidyaya amruthamashnute!!"
Here Shankara comments that the avidya means it is karma and vidya means it is Upasana.In the end of his Bhashya,there is krama mukthi by Upasana and only Brahmajnana leads the sadhaka to mukya mukthi.

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