[Advaita-l] Bhakti and Jnana

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I don't send group-mails t trash. I did tell you that I would send your private mails to me to the spam box as in those you were personally attacking me. If the Moderatorji permits I can forward your those personal mails to the list.

Anyway you are yet to give the translation of Nelson alongside the original Sanskrit verse.

Sunil KB

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>Subrahmanianji would reply to you. However would you not like to quote the Sanskrit verse(s) with reference where Madhusudana Saraswati said as you are reporting? Why depend on Nelson's translation alone. The forum has people who know Sanskrit.
>Rajaram: I thought that as a scholar of Madhusudana that you claim to be to the extent that that you were able to say (of course without any evidence whatsoever) that Madhusudana did not understand advaita in the begiining, you would know these passages (not verses). Also, I felt it is easier to write in English in an English list. Anyway, please refer BR 1 Sec XI. You are free to find faults in Prof. Nelson's translation. 
"nanu brahmaviyAtiriktave bhakteh svargAdivan niratisayapurasArthatvam na syAT iticenna, svargAder niyatadesakAlasarIrendriyAdibhogyatvena sarvatropabhoktum asakyatvAt kshayitvapAratantraryalakshanaduhkhadvayAnuviddatvena niratisayatvAbhAve 'pi bhaktisukhadArAyAssarvadesakAlasarIrendryAdisAdhAranyena brahmavidyAphalavad upabhoktum sakyatvAt kshayitvapAratantryalakshanaduhkhadvayAnuvedhAbhAvena niratisayopatteh" 
I took pains to type this and hope my mails dont go to trash as you earlier mentioned :)

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