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Dear friends,

I understand that Madhusudana Saraswati lived long. Has anybody investigated his writings in the chronological order? I mean which was his first book and which was his last and the differences if any in his thinking at different periods in his life. Did he, if at all, think about bringing in any innovativeness/innovation to the classical advaita of Adi Sankara and Gaudapada, which is based on Vedanta (can we say beyond the Veda)?


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Rajaram: Dr. Sanjukta's view, "Neither bhakti nor jnanam are sublated in
Brahman. What we see (or experience) is a reflection of pure bliss which is
the svarupa of bhakti and jnana. And the reflection is non-different from
the original as per the bimba-pratibimba vada. 
IMO, the above view of Dr. Sanjukta on Shri Madhusudana is correct.  As per MS, the sthAyee bhAva of bhakti rasa is "Ananda" and He equates this with upaniSad vAkya "rasO vai rasaH"
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