[Advaita-l] Protect the Kalpana Meena and Feed it

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 08:21:03 CST 2012

Vaivasvata Manu was giving Arghya to Surya. He wanted to pour the
Arghya water into the river. But in his palms of water he saw a very
small fish a Meena Sishu. It said 'Don't throw me into the river. Big
fish will eat me. If you protect me I will become big and help you.'
Manu the Karunamaya with compassion protected it. He put it in a water
vessel. It became too big. He put it in a pond. It became too huge for
the pond. He put it in well and then lake. But it was becoming bigger
and bigger. He had to put into the ocean.

One day there was a great flood. The ocean overflowed and drowned the
land. Then the Big Fish came to help Manu. He entered a boat. It took
his boat to safety.

Lesson 1 The Arghya water is like thoughts. Sometimes even in our
thoughts there is some small idea like a small fish. But we should not
throw it out. We should protect the small and simple idea and feed it.
It will become a big strong idea and help us.

Lesson 2 We should not think blindly like books are telling us. If we
blindly follow the books and other people's sayings we will discard
the small Kalpana Meena in our thoughts.If we get a small original
idea we must protect it.  If Manu was blindly following Arghya
procedure he had to throw the water with the small Meena into the
river. But he did not follow procedures blindly.

अस्माकं चिन्ताञ्जलौ अपि कल्पनारूपिणः मीनशिशवः प्रायः आगच्छन्तः भवन्ति,
किंतु तान् वयं क्षिपामः । यदि वयं तान् पालयेम पोषयेम वर्धापयेम तर्हि
अनन्तरं ते अस्माकं अपराणांश्च उपकारं करिष्यन्ति ।



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