[Advaita-l] Did Madhusudana Saraswati Reconcile Bhakti and Advaita?

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 08:06:40 CST 2012

Dear Sri Venkat-ji,  First of all let me thank you very much for the link
that you have provided below. It would be invaluable to me as I can read
and understand Telugu.

Secondly, you say -  "So, let us not sweeping remarks that there are no
traditional scholars who studied

Please note that this is Sri Rajaram's position and not mine. I have never
said that no traditional scholar has studied srI madhusUdhana saraswati.
You may verify my previous posts.


On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Shri Kalyan & Rajaramji,
> I thought of not participating in this but couldn't resist when remarks
> are being made on Sringeri Mutt Branches.
> Mahamahopadhyaya Bulusu Appanna Sastry has compiled 4 volumes and
> translated into Telugu under the name "Tattvabodhini" that has 3
> commentaries viz., Sankara, Sankarananda & MS.  But, unfortunately, out of
> 4, only 2 volumes are
> available online in Archive here.
> ///
> http://www.archive.org/details/sribhagavadgitas023394mbp
> //
> A short profile of Shri Appanna Sastry Garu by me:
> *******
> Vedanta & Tarka Sastra Pandita Sangasvadhyaya Bhaskara Mahamahopadhyaya
> Bulusu
> Appanna Sastry Garu, is well known among the telugu astikas who is known
> for his
> deep knowledge on Sankara Advaita Siddhanta and Srividya Upasana.
> The andhra pradesh, there is colloqual saying which is a rythemic pun
> among the
> group of scholars that "balasu leni shraddham bulusu leni yajnam
> vyartham". THe
> literal translation is here:
> In shraddha ceremony at Andhra, there is a chutney prepared for bhoktas
> with a
> leafy vegetable called "balasu aku" (a telugu name for a green leafy
> vegetable).
> This chutney is mandatory for the shraddha ceremony. So, "balasu leni
> shraddham
> vyartham" ie., without this leafy vegetable, the shraddha ceremony is
> incomplete. Similar "bulusu leni yajnam vyartham" ie., the kratu / yajna
> without the supervision of "bulusu" (ie., Shri Bulusu Appanna Sastry Garu)
> is
> incomplete. Telugu knowing people can enjoy the rythm of "bulusu" (Sastry
> Garu)
> and "balusu" (leafy vegetable).
> He is born is Kakinada, EG Dist., of Andhra Pradesh and taught veda /
> vedanta to
> several stallwarts of Advaita in recent times and one among them is the
> eminent
> critic & scholar of advaita Vimarsagresara Malladi Gopalakrishna Sarma
> Garu.
> Vimarsagresara is the title for his eminence and contribution in literary
> criticism.
> Shri Appanna Sastry wrote commentary on Bhagavat Gita Sankara Bhashya
> called
> "Tattvabodhini" which is online. This is indeed a blessing for we telugu
> knowing people.
> **********
> So, let us not sweeping remarks that there are no traditional scholars who
> studied
> MS.  They are not after publicity, honours & rewards from people like.
> My own guruji had studied the MS works and was a kriSNa bhakta. Even
> though,
> my guruji was a srividya upAsaka, the last phase of his life was spent in
> chanting
> leela shuka's kriSNa karNAmrita.  His last pilgrimage was Mathura &
> Bridavana and
> sensed his own death.  Having translated "kriSNa karNAmrita" in telugu,
> placed the
> first copy of the same at the feet of bAkE bihAri in brindAvana and
> returned back to
> Hyderabad.  Within few days, shed his mortal coil through brahmarandhra
> bhEdana
> by uttering praNava & kriSNa nAma.
> regs,
> sriram
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