[Advaita-l] Did Madhusudana Saraswati Reconcile Bhakti and Advaita?

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> Moreover, wherever madhusUdana show another explanation, he does it in a
> humble manner, sometimes by showing reverence to bhagavatpAda and his words
> and showing triviality of himself and his words. See gUDhArthadIpikA on
> gItA.
> Unquote
> If there are differences let us say "there are". The civility is another
> issue, though essential. That (civility) can neither strengthen nor
> weaken any argument.

Sorry for previous haste reply.

Explaining a few words in a way other than that of sha~Nkara doesn't prove
madhusUdana opposed to him as long as he is committed to non-duality. And
supporting bhakti in bhakti-texts is not such a conflict. Now my position
is clear and repetition is useless. So, I retire.

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