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Subject: Sanskrit Wikipedia - participation of scholars requested
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Dear scholarly friends, Pranams.

As we are all aware, the texts of shastras have got a little chance to
be alive for long with the technological advancement. The oral
tradition of many Vedic shakhas and texts is in danger. The knowledge
that was not preserved in script form was lost to us. Even the
physical preservation of manuscripts has become a challenge. Digi-
techonlogy has given more life-span to them. Still we need to work on
preserving and spreading knowledge systems. The text which did not
enter the press-room has not seen the light. Still stays in the dark.
The branch of knowledge that did not come to light and was not spread
could not survive for long. The preservation of existing Sanskrit
Sahstrik knowledge and their texts is our responsibility. We are
accountable for passing on them to the next generation using all means
of modern technology. One such technology is wiki-techonology, which
is one-stop solution to all problems.

Wiki-pedia and Wiki-soure have become a power tool for knowledge
preservation and knowledge dissemination. Currently all most all
living languages and cultures find place in wiki. This will create the
future history for any language and its knowledge case.

Very recently Sanskrit-wiki has been taken up by a team of young
scholars motivated by Sri Cha mu Krishna Shastry. With in short period
Sanskrit has got a significant place in Indian Languages in content
generation and usage.

Here is an appeal to you to join us in the great task of restoring
Samskrit Language to its pristine glory. A phenomenal project, which
visualizes to bridge the gap between ancient knowledge base and
present world.

Content development in Samskrit Wikipedia

Samskrit Wikipedia is an open source on-line encyclopedia and
Samskrita Bharati ( an NGO striving for the cause of Samskrit )  has
begun a  Content Development Project to render support in the
knowledge sharing process. Scholars like You  are a major part of this
revival mission and could help to further enrich the Samskrit
Wikipedia and take it to a higher level.

We at Samskrit Bharati-Wikipedia wing, have set ourselves a goal of
maximizing inputs into Samskrit Wikipedia. We are keen to enlist the
services of similar enthusiasts who could contribute original articles
or translated articles (from other languages) on a regular basis.
Suitable compensation for the efforts put in would definitely be

Our larger vision is to build a network of contributors across all the
states of India and enrich Samskrit Wikipedia on a continuous basis.We
cordially invite you to join us and be a regular contributor.

For further details, Contact us at 080-26421152 or at
samskritw... at gmail.com

What can we do ?

1. Visit Sanskrit wiki and comment and give feedback.
2. Spread the news about this and improve the readership of wiki.
3. In Schools and colleges we can give assignments to the students in
the form of some information collection and content development.
4. Share if you have already had any text available in e-form.
5. Give some time in your weekly schedule to Sanskrit-wiki.
7. Translate some local news and place in wikipage.
8. Edit the text of your interest.
9. Type some text and contribute to wiki.
10. Coordinate team work at you place being in touch with Sanskrit-
wiki team.

Any suggestion, support in this regard is highly appreciated.

Come. Let us join together and complete this jnanayagnya for next
generation. This is the time for "do or die" and "publish or perish".

If we miss this opportunity, we miss the whole.

With warm regards,

Dr. Shrinivasa Varakhedi
Registrar i/c, Director
Karnataka Sanskrit University
Bangalore 18

shriv... at gmail.com

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