[Advaita-l] Did Madhusudana Saraswati Reconcile Bhakti and Advaita?

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> As you know, Sringeri etc. are regarded as traditional because the line of
> teachers trace back to Sankara, which is not the case with RK Mutt.

Anyone who studied with help of a guru can trace his lineage to AchArya. So
is the case of monks of RK Math. Many of them have studied at kailAsa
Ashrama, R^iShikesh. Now, if any one say that he doesn't consider
paramahaMsa-s coming from sha~Nkara, because they don't have daNDa ; then
the same non-acceptance could be directed towards validity of lineage of

But I
> dont think a person must belong to a traditional mutt to be respected for
> his good qualities or work.

Do you think that non-traditional people can think and write correct on
their own ? Then why was this chaos for want of paramparA ? If they can't ,
then how is their work (translation, etc.) good ? Make your thinking clear.
Don't mix social  and emotional issues of 'respecting and not-respecting
someone' in a 'discussion of right or wrong' ?

> The risk with non-traditional mutts is that their teaching does not align
> to the tradition.

Don't talk of their teachings which are not related to advaita. They may
have taught many things other than advaita. But, this doesn't prove them
wrong in interpretation of advaita, i.e. upaniShad, etc.

Krishna and His form are different or that
> Bhakti is not an ultimate goal, without studying Madhusudana, who closely
> follows Sankara.

Traditional scholars know the limit and scope of each book. They don't
mingle things to create a new theory which can not stand tests.

 Now, they pose a greater risk because the blind followers
> will tend to believe that their view as authentic.

Actually they don't. Because they have tested each view.
Those who learned from paramparA (i.e. starting directly from madhusUdana)
are blind, because they can't deduce wrong conclusions - is a kind of
blindness which is longed by many.

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