[Advaita-l] Best Approximation For Brahman

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 04:10:59 CST 2012


In Advaita we believe it is difficult to meditate on Nirguna Brahman
without attributes but it is easier to meditate on Saguna Brahman with
attributes. Some think the Saguna Brahman is Vishnu some think it is
Siva some think it is Ganesha some think it is Sakti. But the best
approximation is Surya our Sun God. Why? All Dvijas have to meditate
on Savitru Deva the Sun God every day in Sandhyavandana with the Most
Sacred Mantra of all Mantras, the Gayatri. This Gayatri Mantra is
about Surya only.

Vedas are saying Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti. There is only One
Sat. This is Brahman. But wise people are calling it by different
names. But what is this Sat Mantra of the Vedas? It is a Surya Mantra
only. It is used for Surya Upasana.  The Mantra is telling us wise
people are calling the Sat by different names but that Sat is Surya.
None other than Surya is Sat.

When we do Upasana of Surya it is the best approximation for Brahmopasana.

Surya is also visible to us. If someone asks show me where is Vishnu
where is Siva where is Ganesha what will you show? But we can show
Surya and say He is our Brahman. We can convince anyone without Sun we
cannot be living on Earth. The Sun is supporting us all the time. He
is also giving us Solar Energy. This is more environmentally friendly
than using petrol and making the disgusting Islamic countries rich.

Sun Light is like Nirguna Brahman. Sun light shows us all objects and
colours and shapes. But that Sun Light has no shape and colour. It is
simply brightness. Pure Light. 100% Sat.



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