[Advaita-l] Debate between Dwarka & Sumeru Shankaracharyas

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Dear friends,

Somebody should immediately try to persuade the Jagadgurus to become friends and to sort out their difference amicably and if necessary to learn from each other. Adi Sankaracharya defeated so many opponents but he never asked any opponent to commit suicide. I am sure the person who is making "suicide" as a condition for the debate will appear to be a murderer in the eye of the Lord and  all knowledge and spiritual attainments of that person, if any, will go waste.  

Sunil KB

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 made it a condition that the opponent would have to commit suicide. 

Sadly, it has come to the point wherein the 2 Shankaracharyas are
going to debate & the loser is supposed to give up his life by
entering the Ganges! :-(
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