[Advaita-l] Are actions essentially meaningless?

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> When does one become a paroksha jnani, if the fourth
> stage is aparoksha?

In previous stage.
The paroxa-GYAna is knowledge which removes ignorance of and doubts about
brahman and has shape - brahman is. While aparoxa-GYAna removes ignorance
of and doubts about oneness of jIva and brahman and has shape - I am
It's clear that paroxa-GYAna of brahman arises before doing
tatpadArthashodhanam (तत्पदार्थशोधनम्) which is prerequisite for
aparoxa-GYAna to arise from mahAvAkya-s. So, it must occur before even
trying to get meaning of mahAvAkya.
Moreover, One could inquire about something only after knowing something
about it. So, at least fickle paroxa-GYAna, that brahman exists, is
necessary for jiGYAsA to arise, which is first amongst the stages
described. It becomes stable and devoid of doubts after practicing yukti-s.

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