[Advaita-l] Accepting Possibility of Error in Sastras

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AtmajnAnam does not come under the panchapramAnas and it is shAbda pramAna
because it is not an object! The subject cannot be objectified!!!
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> >
> > These sorts of questions should not really arise. Along with pramANa-s,
> > there is
> > an accepted mode of the realms in which the pramANa-s operate. One need
> not
> > look to the SAstras for things that are amenable to ordinary
> > pratyaksha-anumAna
> > and one should not attempt to bracket the SAstra-s within the bounds of
> > reason
> > either. Any contradiction that seemingly arises can be easily explained
> > and in fact,
> > have already been explained, as and when appropriate.
> >
> RV: When shastras talk about yajnas, it is beyond the realm of pratyaksha
> and anumana. But when shastras talk about the structure of the solar system
> or the growth of a fetus in the womb, they co-exist with pratyaksha and
> anumana (science) in providing knowledge. In such cases, what is the
> traditional position on accepting shastras versus science?
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