[Advaita-l] Idol worship question

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Lord Krishna said "Pratima alpabuddhinam, sarvatra samadarshinam"

Pratima worship is for the beginners. The advanced sadhakas see god everywhere. There is a story about one saint in Maharashtra. Once the saint was preparing his chapati / roti and one dog suddenly came near him and took away his chapati. The he ran after the dog like a mad man and he also carried a pot of ghee / toop with him. He was shouting  and telling the dog "O' Lord please don't take the dry chapati. Let me apply some ghee in it".

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> He is in every stone. Can we worship a stone lying in the street thinking
> it is God?
>>  yO yO yAm yAM tanum bhaktaH shraddhayaarchitumitimicchati..pls. refer
> geeta shloka..if you feel the presence of Ishvara sannidhAna in the street
> side stone, that would be your archa-vigraha.

Then what is the purpose of doing Pooja to Idols? Anyone can pick up a
stone and worship it.

Some people say the Idol worship in temples came afterwards. Before
there was only Vedic Yajna. They offered things to Agni and Agni
conveyed the same to Gods. But Idol worship is not necessary. If Idol
worship was not started the Muslims could not have attacked our
temples and looted us.

> What is difference between that stone and Idols in a temple?
>>  its all depends on bhAva of that bhakta...How ever, Idols in the temple
> would undergo vaidikAgama pratishtApana vidhi, (like mahAsnapana,
> kalAkarshaNa, netrOnmilana, prANa pratishtApana etc.)
> Some scholars are saying in Vedic worship there is no Idol.
>> shankara at various places talks about vishNu ArAdhana is sAlagrAma.
> There is only Yajna. We have to offer worship to any God through Agni
> only. No
> need for Idols. Is this correct?
>>  dAna, archana, upAsana, dhyAna, yajna-yAga, tapas etc. have their own
> place & importance in vaidika saMpradAya.  Hence you see
> chandramouleeshwara pooja and chandi-rupra hOma/yAga both even in
> traditional Amnaya mutts.


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