[Advaita-l] Are actions essentially meaningless?

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> > prArabdha
> > karma is more powerful than that paramArtha jnAna
> >
> See here words of shrI-vidyAraNya :
> प्रारब्धं कर्म्म यथा तत्त्वज्ञानात्प्रबलं तथा तस्मादपि कर्म्मणो योगाभ्यासः
> प्रबलोऽस्तु ।
> Here he accepts that prArabdha is stronger than GYAna and hence is able to
> maintain body of GYAnI in order to be destroyed by enjoyment of its
> results.

I remember reading/hearing somewhere that the dawn of jnAna itself is due
to a favourable prArabdha and since prArabdha is the 'cause' of jnAna,
jnAna cannot nullify prArabdha.

Does this explanation appear in the bhAshya/acceptable to
the traditional view?

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