[Advaita-l] Sri Ramana Maharshi - A revolutionary?

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> Hari Om, Karthik ji,
> //Quote
> (29th November, 1935. Talk 107)
> Later the Yogi (Swami Yogananda) asked: How is the spiritual uplift of the
> people to be effected? What are the instructions to be given them?
> *M.*: They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and
> according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds. There cannot be any
> instruction en masse.
> //Unquote

In the book 'Exalting Elucidations' of Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha
SwaminaH of Sringeri, in the chapter 'Jnani' on page 311 we find this:


Disciple: What is the reason for two jivanmuktas giving differing advices
to their disciples?

Acharyal: Jivanmuktas are those who have realized the Truth and are devoid
of vasanas (tendencies of the mind). They may have practiced different
spiritual disciplines and so may advise others differently.  Instructions
are given keeping in mind the competence of the disciple.  This is another
reason for the differences in their advices.



> More clearer words, there couldn't be!
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